The Matrix Template Library 4 (MTL4) is a development library for scientific computing that combines high productivity with high performance in the execution. We provide and develop various editions:

  • The Open Source Edition that runs on one (single-core) CPU is a free scientific development kit to get familiar with the library.
  • The Supercomputing Edition - based on message passing and distributed data structures - supports all parallel supercomputers and clusters.
  • The GPU Edition provides generic programming on the GPU with a compatible interface to the open source edition (under development).
  • The Multi-grid Edition provides a generic approach to algebraic and geometric multi-grid (under development).

This video is a demonstration of our work on phase field crystal growth with MTL4 developed by our team.




We provide professional support in developing your applications with MTL4.


If you need specialized MTL4 data structures or specific operations for your applications, we will add those features in the shortest time possible. 


We are currently preparing courses on:

  • Writing C++ software
    • From the beginner up to a very advanced level
    • Designed for engineers and scientists
  • Using MTL4 effectively while improving your C++ skills.
  • Introduction into simulation with finite Elements.


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