The SimuNova Team

Peter Gottschling Foto

Dr. Peter Gottschling

 Founder and CEO

  • Core developer of MTL4
    • Open Source Edition
    • Supercomputing Edition
    • GPU Edition
  • Author and co-author of scientific libraries: parallel BGL, Angel, Janus, ParGraph
  • Head of German delegation in ISO C++ standardization committee
  • Founding member of scientific computing group of C++ standard committee
  • Lecturer at TU Dresden


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 Axel Voigt Foto

Prof. Axel Voigt

Founder/ Expert in PDE-based simulations

  • Expert in solution of PDE-based simulations in various domains
    • Crystallography
    • Nanotechnology
    • Biophysics
    • Medicine
    • Semiconductors
  • Chair for Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics
  • Full professor at TU Dresden 



Florian Stenger Foto 

  Florian Stenger

Founder/ Software Developer

Proficient in many programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Assembler, Visual Basic, Pascal, Haskell

  • Pre- and post-processing of data for simulation applications
    • Development of meshconv, the meshing tool that comes with AMDiS
    • Mesh-generation, -transformation and -repair
    • Implicit representations of geometries
    • Visualization of simulation results
  • Simulation involving complex geometries
    • Drug diffusion in the cochlea (inner ear)
    • Heat diffusion in complex metal foam
    • Heat diffusion in fast moving chipping tools
    • Drug diffusion in a bone-scaffold

 Cornelius Steinhardt Foto

Cornelius Steinhardt 

Software Developer

 As one of our software developers, his experience includes transport process simulation and mathematical GPU programming.
  • MTL4 development 
    • Krylov subspace methods
    • Multigrid methods
    • Equation solver and preconditionier - mathematical algorithms
    • Benchmarking (BenchIT-based)
    • Eigenvalues

 Andreas Naumann Foto

Andreas Naumann

Software Developer

He works as one of our main software developers.

  •  Implementation and development of parallel FEM-algorithms

  • Test development

  • Implementation and development of numerical algorithms

  • Graphical user interfaces with QT


Yasmina Gottschling

Business Manager

  • Business and Marketing

  • Administration and Organization

  • Website content

  • Website translation

Thomas Kaltofen


Thomas Kaltofen

Business Coach

  • Currently: Business Coach at SimuNova

  • Audit manager for mid-sized accounting firms in Munich and Gelsenkirche

  • CEO of Logistics AG in Berlin, Managing Director of a Logistic Software GmbH, Leipzig

  • Responsible Manager for a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Components

  • Member of the Board of a public company in the Semiconductor Industry, Erlangen, Ilmenau, Dresden

  • Managing Director in the technology sector Dresden, Freiberg 


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